Irish & Australian Champion
Bon Jovi Bacchante


Black miniature male
Born: June 9th 1986
Height: 15 inches
Top producer

Passed away at 15 years of age after
living a very healthy life, his coat stayed
black and his eyes were good until the last
six months of his life
Please God another one like him..................
Eng CH
Jolante By Jove
Eng CH
Tranchant Philesmar Pablo
Eng CH
Tranchant Montmartre Best Man
Philesmar Madame Pompador 
Eng CH
Vorton Slick Chick
Texet Tennassee 
Vorton Mona Lisa 
Sealaw Genevieve  Eng CH
Barkon Midnight Runner
Eng CH
Shireen I´m Something
Frisbee for Barkon  
Eng CH
Tiopepi Trendsetter
Tiopepi Typhoon
Aesthete Shady Lady of Montfleuri 
Champion Offspring:
Apoco Deodar April Love
Apoco Deodar April Dancer
ApocoDeodar Bon Chance
Muitai Maxwell Smart
Muitai Edge O Night
Cotelle Chic and Cheerful
Westpriors Radar O Riley
Westpriors Keyhole Kate
Westpriors Lavender Leaf
Westpriors Wise Guy
Great Debate of Tirkane
Westpriors Total Accord
Westpriors Legendary
Westpriors Swayze
Westpriors Fascination
Reetpetite Cracklin Rosie
Marsden Streets Ahead
Marsden Leader O The Pack
Marsden Hit The Spot
Reetpetite Bourbon Street
Muitai Rhobes Piere
Zanelney Star Delight
Coifico Copperfield
Zanelney Star Attraction
Coifico Copelia
Coifico Charleston
Entally Ballyshannon
Entally Candytuft
Crystalee Top Rating
Crystalee Madonna
Westpriors Midnight Magic
Minivale By Jove I`m Magic
Entally Melody D`mour
Crystalee Future Impact
Crystalee Total Recall